What tools do we use?

We use industry-leading tools for modelling and animation (Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, etc). Then we use 8th Wall and Zappar to handle AR-specific functionality like image recognition, surface detection, SLAM, as well as general hosting and collaboration. We also have experience in a variety of other tools that can be used as needed, including the Adobe suite. Whatever deliverables you need, we can provide.

who hosts the experiences?

Right now, we use 8th Wall and Zappar to provide secure, stable hosting via AWS. As we grow we will be able to provide self-hosting solutions. We can connect experiences to your custom domain and generate a custom QR code or embed.

how is pricing determined?

We believe everyone should benefit from the power of WebAR. We're also a new company who needs to build its portfolio. That's why we offer our services at prices more competitive than traditional 3D production agencies. Pricing is usually determined by the level of interactivity and complexity of the experience, falling into three general tiers: 1) roughly $1k-5k, 2) $5-10k, 3) $10k+

How do we come up with a strategy?

Every client has different needs, and meeting them is our top priority. Usually we have several consultation and ideation sessions with different members before prototyping. We'll also try out best to connect you with the external resources and people you need.

what does a general project timeline look like?

One cool thing about CosmoLabs is that we're extremely agile. If you have an event coming up and need something ASAP, we can make it happen. Every project is different, but we usually start by determining your needs, setting expectations, and ideation. After deciding on a plan of action, our team will start production. Through frequent communication, potential pivots, and modifications, we'll arrive to a final product that both parties are happy with.

why ar? Why jump in now?

AR is the future of how we communicate with computers. Before you know it, we'll be wearing smart glasses in public, and that means a huge revolution in media is coming. AR is a very different medium from the 2D web, mobile phone apps, and computer applications. Brands have to start building experience with this new medium. It's just like the early Internet in the 90s or building mobile apps in 2010 -- those that started early gained huge advantages.

what happens after deliverables are submitted?

We'll track the success of your experience via our analytics tools. We'll also try our best to connect you with PR and media to bring the project to its full potential, as well as gather general feedback.

Let's get started!

Toni Witt, founder/CEO: +1 415 605 8584


We are located in Chicago, IL.

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